The Education is based round mechanics.

We deliver this with a practical program, where the young persons learns with the understanding of how things work, then we go into the class room and put the theory onto paper with lots of photos to back up and evidence. The portfolio which the student then compiles for their qualification which they are working towards.


We usaully start with maintenance on bicycles, then they progress onto restoration and construction of Go Karts, where the young persons then gets to drive the Karts at various Karting tracks.

we then step up to working on cars.

Smalls steps with achievable targets, so confidence is good and new goals can be looked towards.


Many of the young people we work with find it hard to put words onto paper and are not used to achieving.

We look at the best way forward for the young persons, with achievable targets to keep motivation and aspirations in place.


Does the program work? YES.


The work we do, is to get the young persons ready for further training to work in the real world.

If the young people become active members in society we have succeeded in the job we are doing.



1.   English

2.   Maths

3.   Motor Education NOCN program 

4.   First Aid... young lives

5.   Outdoor sports

6.   Health and safety

7.   Young people and Law and order

8.   Works experience

9.   Introduction to motor vechicle maintenance and repair

10. Introduction to vehicle valeting

11. Checking and maintaining trye pressure and tread

12. Tools, equipment and materials for vehicle maintenance

13. Identification of basic external and internal car parts

14. Checking and maintaining fluid levels on a car 



Ontrak Community Intiative

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