The Annual Report of Activities


Ontrak Community Initiative

Ontrak is a children and young people’s charity providing motor vehicle training and education to young people aged between 13 and 19 years old working with local schools, colleges and community organisations. Ontrak also runs a bike project within local schools promoting road safety and providing children and young people with the skills to undertake bicycle maintenance.

Charitable Objectives

To act as a resource for young people by providing advice and assistance and organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities as a means of:

  1. Advancing in life and helping young people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals;

  2. Advancing education;

  3. Relieving unemployment;

  4. Providing recreational and leisure time activity in the interests of social welfare for people living in the area of benefit who have need by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, poverty or social and economic circumstances with a view to improving the conditions of life of such people;





Ontrak Community Initiative is unique in being the only charity in the country, of which we are aware, operating from a fully commercial working garage, staffed by qualified mechanical engineers role is perform all the services the garage offers to its customers and also working with the young people who are referred to us from their respective school/college or care home or fall under the NEET umbrella, they help these young people in preparing to enter the workplace or training by facilitating hands on work experience of performing real tasks in a very real working environment. We also take young people from PRU’s (Pupil Referral Units), and from schools in neighbouring authorities. Our success is built on turning around young people with low motivation and expectations. 91% of the young people who are NEET who engage with us receive accreditation. Of those NEET young people who engage with us 94% progress into further training or work. The accreditation is run through NOCN (National Open College Network).

94% of the students from our partner schools received accreditation. In addition, this year we worked at our sites with over 1,100 young people through our links with youth clubs in the West Yorkshire area.

By age 21, young people who have been NEET for six months or more are more likely than their peers to be unemployed, earn less, receive no training, have a criminal record, suffer from poor health and depression (Social Exclusion Unit, 1999)

Registered Charity Number: 1153311

Company Number: 07972848

Our board of Trustees

We have 9 trustees who fulfil their roles with interest and passion and help the organisation develop and move forward into the future to achieve its full potential.


The Trustees are:-

Brian Hall

Mike Williams

Patrick Ambrose

Paul Woods

Paul Aaron

Linda Riordan

Barbara Collins

Lorraine Stansfield

Wayne Lockwood

Clive Truelove

Noreen Khan

There are lots of new ventures planned for the coming year with the Trustees on the board. We will have a good ‘on the ground support’ to go forward steadily and safely.





We have worked with a number of organisations within the education environment.


Organisations we work with are:-

  • Secondary Schools

  • Social Services

  • Children’s Homes

  • Pupil Referral Units

  • Young Peoples Services (Youth Centres)

  • Leaving Care Teams

  • Local Authority for individual referrals

  • Primary Schools

  • Colleges

  • Community Organisations

  • Connexions – Halifax and Bradford

  • YOTS – Youth Offending

  • Drugs Prevention Team



The main part of the income has been derived from the secondary schools for the referral work we deliver. Statements from school provide evidence of the positive way in which our services are received and confirm our positive reputation as an education partner in the city and wider region. Our main work has been based around Motor Education for students who struggle in formal education at school, we do this by doing the practical elements first and then integrate the classroom work in.


Attendance and Sessions this year:

  • Schools Work – 33 :Ranging from 1 day to 5 days a week

  • Holiday Programs – 46 : x6 weeks training program

  • Cycling project – 3202 :Working with 62 organisations

  • Cycling Safety – 921 :half days for up to 6 weeks

  • Camping – 28 :2 days camping

  • Karting Sessions – 1461 :half day sessions

Total – 5691 : Individuals engagement work, education work and community programs over the year.

Ages 9-11’s – Bicycle safety program through primary schools

Ages 13-16 – School referrals, alternative education

Ages 16-18 – NEET program, progress into work/training

Ages 16-25 – From college, doing motor mechanics work experience in the garage for 1 week block

Ages 16-35 – With learning disabilities, enrichment program


Bicycle Project

The bicycle project has grown in strength year on year and this year we have been able to give back to the community 3202 bicycles which were free. These bicycles have gone to 62 statutory and volunteer organisations which has enabled children, young people and adults to benefit who are in need of a bike.

The students at Ontrak are heavily involved in repairing the bicycles once they come to us from the waste management department at Bradford Council. Once the bicycles are ready to go the organisations who have requested them, the students will collect the order sheet from Adrian and then pick the bicycles to fulfil that order. We also run a bicycle safety program at the karting track which in conjunction with primary schools teaches the children how to be safe when on their bike which has gone very well.

Over 74 tonnes of bicycles have been recycled back into the community. This project has a small video made by Bradford Council on best practice in the community which can be found on the council website. Next year we expect this programme to grow steadily. There is a list of the 62 organisations Ontrak has donated bicycles to in the reception area at the garage.

Camping Trips

Camping trips, Karting and Racing help.

The camping trips are always good fun if you don’t mind going without any sleep. The trips are based around karting time and team work, including taking responsibility for team work and helping each other. The trips have either been to Tockwith Motor Sports in York and Ontrak Karting in Bradford. The young people who attended planned and prepared for the trip, worked out who was doing which jobs and when, on a rota, from cleaning to cooking to maintenance of the karts as well as good integration.

A camping trip is always successful and the students make lots of new friends within the group. The trips to Tockwith are 2-3 days events. The trips to Ontrak Karting in Bradford are a short break which lasts 2 days.


Holiday Programmes

The holiday work continues to be successful with lots of fun based around the karting programme, usually on a 6 week accreditation work with positive outcomes on diversionary programme.

We ran 4 programs of work this year with 46 young people obtaining some accreditation based on credits under the NOCN program. The groups came from Bradford and Halifax.


Our Education Programme

This has been hard work over the year, working out programs for the students that can be delivered and achievable for the young people to understand and develop their skills for future programmes. In our garage we teach young people how to service cars, prepare cars for the MOT test, panel beating, paint-spraying and car restoration.

The students have done well and achieved 100% progression into what they want to do next. Next year we will be extending the program in other ways to get the students ready for further training and to be work ready.

As part of our current work, our young people operate a classic car restoration (not for private profit) business. Classic cars, which have been donated by the public are given a full restoration, displayed in our showroom and then sold. The proceeds are reinvested in the business, thus enabling us to work with more young people.


The Ontrak philosophy is that the development of character comes about as an internal response to external pressure. Character has to be built by the individual. No one can build charcter for you. However, we can offer the conditions, structures and stimuli which are likely to bring about changes in individuals and in which self-reliance, determination and tenacity can be self inculated and adopted as individual, personal strategies for overcoming adversity, problems, stress and pressure and removing obstacles to growing, developing and thriving.

The young people with who we work with, often come for geographical areas with some of the highest deprivation indices in the country. Their life chances are seen as very poor. They are not expected to succeed. Crucially, the people they most frequently come into contact often have no expectations for them, or of them. We have developed a reputation for engaging with young people in a way which is designed to constantly stretch and test them and raise their expectations of themselves. We believe that stretching our young people, by giving them responsibility and constantly taking them out of their comfort zone is the most efficient route to character building


The Garage

  • The garage has traded on its strengths this year

  • Excellence in customer service

  • Reliability and honesty

  • Offering great value for money

  • Continuing our strong reputation

  • Being trustworthy


John and the team have had another successful year building on the achievements of the previous 6 years. The services we offer range from changing light-bulbs, through to full body rebuilds – the full commercial garage offer. The customer base has grown to over 3,500 during the year. This is astonishing for a children’s charity that also trades as a garage. Our customers understand what we do and why and constantly show interest in what is going on with the charity.

The work undertaken by the team in the garage is always of very high quality and customers appreciate what we do and in return we appreciate their custom.

John is constantly looking for new ways for the garage to innovate and improve our services, and in turn, provide more funds for the charitable work we do for the community.

Halifax Gala

We run this every year to help raise funds for the charity to purchase items that are needed. On the day we run a bouncy castle, sell snacks and drinks, sell bicycles that have been donated to us. This year we raised £1,620, the funds were used to purchase 5 new laptops that are been used in the classroom where English and Maths is taught by a tutor. Many thanks to all the volunteers on that day. A good job done by all.


Accreditation Work

Accreditation work over the year with the young people has gone very well, with a 96% pass rate in level 1 motor mechanics with 24 achievements. 43 gained part qualifications on the shorter programme. All the work is QCF accredited nationally.


Over the year the following accreditation was achieved:

  • Level 1 Motor Mechanics – 24 QCF

  • Module Work on  Motor Education – 43 QCF

  • First Aid Young Lives – 22 St Johns Ambulance


Progression Routes for the young people:

  • Bradford College – Motor Education

  • Calderdale College – Motor Education

  • Aspire I Bradford – Motor Education

  • Bradford College – Construction

  • Calderdale College – Engineering

  • York College – Motor Education

  • Harrogate College – Motor Education

  • Full time Job


We would sincerely like to thank the following companies and organisations for their support, encouragement and partnership work over the year which this report refers to:

  • Bradford College – for all their support over the year

  • Appleton Academy - for all their support over the year

  • Brighouse High School - for all their support over the year

  • Beckfoot Thornton - for all their support over the year

  • Titus Salt School - for all their support over the year

  • Hanson School - for all their support over the year

  • Pupil Referral Halifax - for all their support over the year

  • Pupil Referral Bradford - for all their support over the year

  • G.B.A Care homes - for all their support over the year

  • Bradford Waste Management

  • Over2Hills Ltd

  • Hire N Hire – for the hiring of vans for the bicycle project

  • GT Parts

  • Andrew Page

  • Euro Car Parts

  • SAS Car Parts

  • Roy’s Autos

  • Tockwith Motor Sports, York

  • Young Peoples Services, Halifax

  • Young Peoples Services, Bradford

  • West Yorkshire Police

  • HMRC, Bradford Tax Office

  • Safe Sex co-ordinator

  • Youth Offending Bradford

  • Youth Offending Halifax

Our interim accounts are attached

The full accounts will be adopted at our AGM and posted to the Charity Commission’s website and Companies House.



Chair’s Foreword


I am pleased to share with you the work done by Ontrak Community Initiative during the period covered by this report. It is never easy to deliver services in a time of diminishing resources and continuing uncertainty. Dealing with change on such a massive scale requires resilience, flexibility and an ability to spot opportunities to make a difference, fill gaps and take care of unmet needs.


Our organisation operates from a unique position of being able to combine the joint enterprise of delivering services to the community through the operation of a full commercial working garage and using the opportunity to channel the profits from this operation to fund our charitable work: one part of the business feeding the other, with positive outcomes for the young people with whom we work with and the wider community.


The Board of Trustees would like to thank all the staff who have contributed to the successful operation of the charity this year, but would like to make a particular mention to the management team of Adrian, John and Paul who run their respective parts of the charity and make sure that everything is on track for the coming year.


Thank you for reading this report and we hope that you will continue to support us through the following years as our charity expands and brings about positive futures for the young people in our community.


Barbara Collins


Chair of Trustees

Ontrak Community Intiative

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